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About us

Center for instructional Resources

    The mission of the Center for Instructional Resources is to integrate campus teaching resources and provide consultation services for all faculty members, so as to create an active learning environment and to enhance the teaching quality. The Center is served by two divisions: faculty development and teaching evaluation. We host lectures, workshops, seminars, individual and group consultation services to faculty members and teaching assistants, and research to develop a reasonable system on teaching assessment.   

 1. New Faculty Orientation

Orientations for the new faculty members are held every year to highlight: (1) the University's fundamental philosophy and requirements of teaching; (2) strategies to enhance teaching and learning outcomes; and (3) consultation services and solutions to teaching challenges.

2. Teaching Workshop

Sessions include curriculum design, preparation of course handouts, preparation of course presentations, classroom communication and expression skills, course webpage design, sharing of teaching experiences, and teacher-student communication skills.

3. Teaching evaluation

On- line teaching evaluation is held each semester. All courses, except for some seminars and practical training courses, are evaluated by students as results of the teaching quality of instructors.

4. Teaching Assistant Seminar

Seminars for the teaching assistants are held periodically to address: (1) the University's fundamental philosophy and requirements of teaching assistants; (2) teaching assistants' responsibilities and skills; and (3) consultation channels and tools for self-growth.

5. Teaching Diagnosis

Instructors may request a video-tape observation of a class by an experienced faculty member or a consultant of CIR who will identify the strengths, weaknesses and areas for improvement. New faculty members may also request a trial teaching observed by the Center staff and senior faculty members.

6. Teaching Enhancement Consultation

Instructors may request individual consultation to discuss teaching and other related issues such as: (1) curriculum planning; (2) course format; (3) adjusting the difficulty level of a course; (4) class interaction; and (5) examinations, papers and evaluation methods.

7. Curriculum Design Diagnosis

Instructors may request individual consultation to review the syllabus of any course. Under the assistance of CIR, the syllabus will be reviewed by experienced instructors of CGU or other universities who can provide diagnosis of the curriculum design.

8.Shooting digital learning materials video

Digital learning materials post-production.