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Teaching Consultation

For general teaching questions, such as teaching methods and teaching evaluation, please contact us for further information at yychen@mail.cgu.edu.tw

or call 03-2118800 ext.3189 to make a reservation.

Teaching Diagnosis
Instructors may request a video-tape observation of a class by an experienced faculty member or a consultant of CIR who will identify the strengths, weaknesses and areas for improvement. Please sign up an application form from the download page.
Curriculum Design Diagnosis
Instructors may request individual consultation to review the syllabus of any course. Under the assistance of CIR, the syllabus will be reviewed by experienced instructors of CGU or other universities who can provide diagnosis of the curriculum design. Please contact yychen@mail.cgu.edu.tw.
Students Learning Support
We constantly arrange and offer peer educators to help students who need supplementary learning courses after class. Applications are open to all instructors.
Teaching Workshop
We hold teaching and learning seminars and workshops for all faculties, also offer training courses in new technology.
Teaching assistants training
Instructional workshops are arranged for all teaching assistants each semester.
Teaching evaluation
On- line teaching evaluation is held each semester. All courses, except for some seminars and practical training courses, are evaluated by students as results of the teaching quality of instructors.
New Faculty Orientation
Orientations for new faculty members are held every year.

Shooting digital learning materials video

Digital learning materials post-production.